Moaideas bedankt sich...

  • Hi, this is David from Moaideas Game Design.

    We had a very successful Essen Spiel this year!

    I was a little worried about the 60 cases we had
    inside our booth on the first day of the show...

    But thankfully demand is high, so we sold out of
    Mini Rails on Thursday, Tulip Bubble on Friday,
    and Liberatores was sold out on Saturday.

    I must thank every one of you for pre-ordering
    before the convention, thus providing me a good
    evaluation of how much I should send to Essen.

    I hope you guys have already enjoyed our games.
    If you want to buy more copies for friends and family,
    note that we are shipping in batches, and the next batch
    will be sent on 11/16, so please order before 11/12
    if you want to receive the games before Christmas.

    All orders placed after 11/13 will have to wait until we
    return from Tokyo Game Market, so it will be at least
    mid December before we can send out another batch.

    Thank you again for the support,
    and I hope we will see you soon.

    Can you work together and liberate Rome?

    Tulip Bubble
    A light and fast market speculation game!

    Mini Rails
    Tight gameplay that distills the essence of train games!

    Pyramid Raiders
    $25.00 $30.00
    Plunder treasures and watch your back for the Guardian!

    "We are the unknowns. Lower your shields and surrender your ships. We will add your biological and technological distinctiveness to our own. Your culture will adapt to service us. Resistance is futile."

    Meine Spiele: Klick mich

  • Die haben alles richtig gemacht, bis auf die Tatsache, dass sie Mittwochs schon begonnen haben, die Spiele zu verkaufen :) Ich hatte es mir vorab nach Hause bestellt, und dann in Essen Abends festgestellt, dass mein MiniRails keine Holzteile in der Schachtel hatte.... Sie haben das vor Ort korrigiert, und dann eben eine Kopie weniger verkauft. TOP!

    Ich werde in Zukunft ein Auge auf diesen Verlag haben :) MiniRails ist großes Kino.