Ship Naked - Worry free shipping?

  • Es gibt mal wieder Wasser auf die Mühlen der Kritiker von Dan Yarrington (Game Salute, Tabletop Tycoon, Ship Naked, Starling Games, Sparkworks, Polyhero, Flying Meeple). Phil Eklund hat beim Geek einige Details zur Auslieferung seiner 2017er Spiele gepostet. Ship Naked kommt dabei alles andere als gut weg.

    "Worry free shipping" sieht irgendwie anders aus...

    Zur Sicherheit archiviere ich das mal hier...

  • Ob es den Shitstorm brauchte oder nur Zufall ist, sei mal dahingestellt, aber...

    Just seconds ago I got a call from Dan Yarrington, who told me that he had reviewed his books, and that I was due a "substantial reimbursement" for the fulfillment of the Bios:Genesis/Bios:Megafauna/John Company KS campaign and website orders. And that they would be issuing a statement for the backers shortly.

    If so, then the year might not have been a total loss.

    Mal sehen, was Dan Yarrington schreiben wird.

    btw: Ich habe weitere Tochterfirmen von Game Salute oben eingefügt, falls mal jemand danach suchen sollte.

  • Die Antwort von Ship Naked entspricht ungefähr den Erwartungen, liest sich aber immerhin halbwegs versöhnlich:

    [...] To be clear, we had no knowledge of these posts prior to our conversation or providing this update. When we make a mistake, we fix and we pay for it. When our clients make a mistake, we help them fix it, but they are responsible for paying for it. Upon review of the facts in this campaign, we determined that the bulk of the responsibility for the error was ours and we are accordingly covering those costs.


    We would also like to apologize to you and to Phil Eklund for an error that affected the shipments of preorders through [...]

    Mal sehen, was am Ende dabei herauskommt, wenn sich der Staub gelegt hat.