Age of Steam - Essen-Set vom AoS-Team

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    Wie jedes Jahr bietet Alban Viard in Essen auch für 2010 wieder ein Age of Steam Pack an:

    The first expansion, Age of Steam Paris & Moscow, both feature innovative new rules. Paris has no hexes, while in Moscow the players must keep careful track of the Russian Mafia, who will change the cities' colour demands throughout the game.

    The second offering is a pair of special mini expansions. Included in this is the Robot expansion, which adds a new wrinkle to the Moon map, while the Hexpansion is a brand new set of New City tiles, which can be used on most Age of Steam maps.

    Finally, both of these expansions will come inside the Age of Steam Box #2, a convenient way of storing your Age of Steam expansions in style.

    The expansion package costs 40 Euros at the Fair, and will also be made available to Americans for $50 (USD), plus shipping.

    100 numbered sets will be made available at Essen and 50 sets will be reserved for North Americans who are unable to visit the Fair.

    As always, the Essen sets must be reserved by e-mailing, and must be picked up between 10 AM and Noon on Thursday morning at the Winsome Games stand (Hall 10, Stand 10-66).

    Da diese Sets sehr begehrt sind, sollte man sich bei Interesse mit einer Vorbestellung doch etwas beeilen.


    Ich glaube nicht, daß jemand wirklich objektiv sein kann - alle Meinungen sind subjektiv.
    Natürlich gilt das auch für mich.