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  • Hallo!

    Eric Martin (Betreiber von Board Game News BGN) hat leider derzeit einige Probleme mit seiner Webseite. Hier eine kurze Stellungnahme zum derzeitigen Status.


    Thanks for asking! I've had server/CPU/memory issues, and my host is more of a do-it-yourself outfit (unbeknownst to me when I signed up), so I've had to learn how to dig into SSH and do things. Plus, the site is getting hit with dozens of download requests from a variety of IPs, which sucks up all the available memory, so I have to keep rebooting just to do any work on the server settings.

    I think I have a long-term solution in the works, but won't know for sure for a few days.


    Zitat Ende

    Die User müssen sich also noch etwas in Geduld üben, bis das leidige Server-Problem auf die eine oder andere Weise gelöst ist.