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    Blackbeard (GMT) Punched, but never played 25,- Euros

    Blitzkrieg 1940 (Command magazin no. 42 - hell before night / blitzkrieg 40 - Magazine + two complete, unpunched games - like new! 19,- Euros

    Bloody Keren (Wargamer magazin) unpunched incl. magazine 15,- Euros

    Fateful Lightning (Complete and unpunched - includes the errata counters from Command-magazine!) 40,- Euros

    Great War at Sea 2: The North & Baltic Seas - unpunched - like new! 25,- Euros

    Great War at Sea: The Mediterranean, 2nd edition, unpunched. 35,-

    Price of Freedom (Compass) punched, but never played. 27,-

    RAN (GMT) unpunched 40,-

    Rommel in the Desert (Columbia, Second edition, Rommel picture box cover, 2004 - Complete, never played - only assembled. 49,-

    Scratch One Flat Top - unpunched. 39,-

    St-Lô (WEG) Heavy wear to the box - game itself complete and in good playing condition! 35,-

    The Arab-Israeli Wars (AH) Punched but complete and in excellent condition. The box shows some shelf wear. 22,-

    Triumphant Return: The Soviet Liberation of Kiev, November 1943 (MIH) No shrinkwrap, but otherwise as new and complete! 38,-