Discworld Ankh-Morpork Deluxe Edition

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    Here is the latest email from Tree Frog games about the release of the Deluxe Edition:

    Discworld Ankh-Morpork Deluxe Edition
    Many thanks for expressing an interest in the Deluxe version of Ankh Morpork. We are now working out the best way to deal with you and the other 800+ who may like a copy of the game. The problem is that the resin pieces will be produced in batches of about 100 sets every two weeks. Thus we cannot take pre orders as we may not be able to fulfill them quickly. The plan is that emails will be sent to those who have expressed an interest in groups of a hundred, going in date order. Orders arising from those emails will be dealt with quickly. We will then email the next hundred when we have sufficient stock available. This will continue until all people who have expressed an interest have had a chance to order the game. We intend to send out the first group of emails at the beginning of November.

    Due to delays in the foam packaging it is highly unlikely that copies of the Deluxe Edition will be available at Essen.

    Mal sehen, wann Sie mir das 120€ Schätzchen anbieten ..

    Gruß aus dem Münsterland


    I'm old enough to know what's wise
    and young enough not to choose it

  • Da bin ich auch mal gespannt.
    Bei mir war die Mail auch im Posteingang.


    Wer die Weisheit mit Löffeln gegessen hat, neigt zu geistigem Durchfall.

  • Da das Spiel nur Mittelmaß bietet (und das sage ich als absoluter Wallace Fan), würde ich eher für eine weitere Verbreitung der Deluxe Edition von A few acres of snow plädieren. Gruß bpsyc

    Wenn Dein Pferd tot ist, steig' ab!